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English information

Orphic Film was started by Peter Sieben in 2003 to create video productions and short films. He became more interested in the creative side of moviemaking, learning how to create fiction movies that evoke “movement” in the perspective of the viewer.

Together with Dick Hovenga and Liza van den Dijssel a short (and award winning) movie called BitterSweet was made in 2004 for the Vail Film Festival (Colorado, USA). In 2005 an 18 minute short film called Afgesproken Werk (Scripted Work) was created together with Gert Fokkens, which was based on a short story by the Dutch writer L.H. Wiener. Gert and Peter made a second production in 2007, called Fade.
Watch Fade - Quicktime 7 format   (English subtitles included)
Watch BitterSweet - Quicktime 7 format   (no subtitling necessary)

From 2006 Orphic Film is becoming more involved with the production of corporate and documentary-like videoproductions for organisatons and businesses and with post-production services and consultancy. At the end of 2008 an office was opened in Alkmaar, making it possible to meet up with clients and project teams at our own space. .

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